Retell  the  story  of  retail


Leaving functionality and efficient use of square footage behind, we create interior spaces for the retail stores of tomorrow. Each design is customized to tell the unique story of YOUR brand. With Valentino Vettori you don’t get yet another interpretation of visual merchandising but rather the experience of emotional storytelling that is one of a kind. 

events space 1012.jpg


The world of retail marketing is evolving at the speed of light. We are no longer asked merely to sell a product, we are called upon to tell a story. Brands that want to keep moving forward  need to be bold and replace the archaic “dollar-per-square ft” formula with the dynamic “impression per sq ft” approach.  


retail isn't dead.  It 's outdated, old and tired. The time for innovation and transformation is here. 

Our designs are made to invite consumers  to step off the street and into a whole new world that engages, stimulates and inspires them with an unforgettable experience.